7th of August + The Last Generation

7th of August + The Last Generation

Special mention in The Green Warsaw Award competition for "The Last Generation"

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7th of August

Poland, 2020, 28 min. 

Directed by: Michał Bolland

Cinematography by: Karol Łakomiec

Producer: Szymon Ziegler, Cecylia Jakubczak

Production: ĄĆ Production, KPH Kampania Przeciw Homofobii

Selected festivals and awards: 2020 – Watch Docs FF

A homophobic tsunami engulfed Poland in 2020. Vilified by the ruling political party, the LGBT+ community became the target of an intense campaign supported by the Catholic church and public media. The wave crested on August 7, when the community said enough is enough, demonstrating on the streets of Warsaw in defense of the activist Margot. On that day, the power of rainbow solidarity clashed with brutal police aggression, resulting in the orchestrated arrests of 48 participants of the protest. These included the protagonists of the film – Kajetan, Kamila, Krem as well as Julia and her partner. Their stories help viewers understand and feel the price paid by Poland's non-heteronormative community for societal homophobia and transphobia. It also describes the situation of the LGBT+ movement in Poland. August 7 may go down in history. Did it really awaken "queer rage" in Poland? Listen to the voices of the people in the film to find out.

The Last Generation

Poland, 2021, 59 min

Directed by: Mikołaj Borowy

Cinematography by: Lena Jabłońska

Producer: Maria Krauss, Mikołaj Borowy, Lena Jabłońska

Production: Plesnar & Krauss FILMS Sp. z o.o.

Selected festivals and awards: Millennium Docs Against Gravity IFF: World Premiere

Janka has 10 years, 8 months and 5 days until 2030. At the current level of emissions, according to scientists this will be the year we trigger an uncontrollable chain reaction resulting in the collapse of our civilization. Janka knows she belongs to the last generation which can still change this scenario. She wakes up every day thinking about the upcoming catastrophe, tries to reconcile work, studies and her private life with climate activism. As she begins to understand she will have to make a choice, all her plans seem like sandcastles. Among the moonlike landscape of an open-pit coal mine, she realises how far she will go to stop this. From this moment despair ends, and tactics begin.



  • projection time:
    89 min.
  • country/year:
    Poland / 2020 ("7-My Sierpnia"); 2021 ("Ostatnie pokolenie")
  • director:
    Michał Bolland ("7-My Sierpnia"); Mikołaj Borowy ("Ostatnie pokolenie")
  • pictures:
    Karol Łakomiec ("7-My Sierpnia"); Lena Jabłońska ("Ostatnie pokolenie")
  • production:
    Szymon Ziegler, Cecylia Jakubczak/ĄĆ Production, KPH Kampania Przeciw Homofobii ("7-My Sierpnia"); Maria Krauss, Mikołaj Borowy, Lena Jabłońska/Plesnar & Krauss FILMS Sp. z o.o. ("Ostatnie pokolenie")
  • awards :
    Millennium Docs Against Gravity IFF: World Premiere

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