Beautiful Something Left Behind

Beautiful Something Left Behind

New Jersey’s Good Grief counseling center offers a holistic approach to mourning. We ob-serve children who have recently lost their parents.

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New Jerseys Good Grief counseling center offers a holistic approach to mourning. Filmmaker Katrine Philp presents viewers with a childs perspective of its programs, offering an affectionate and intimate look at the lives of several children who have recently lost their parents and must navigate their grief by embracing sadness with honesty, bravery, humor and love. The result is an enlightening film in which the students become our teachers in finding better ways of coping with loss.



  • projection time:
    88 min.
  • country/year:
    Denmark / 2020
  • director:
    Katrine Philp
  • pictures:
    Katrine Philp, Adam Morris Philp
  • production:
    Katrine A. Sahlstrøm / Good Company Pictures
  • awards :
    2020 – DOC NYC, 2020 – Reykjavik Film Festival, 2020 – SXSW Austin

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