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GABI, Between Ages 8-13

GABI, Between Ages 8-13

Gabi just wants to be Gabi, but it’s not that simple. Discovering the perspective of a child that refuses to be put in a box, we follow her from age 8 to 13.

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Gabi just wants to be Gabi. A simple wish one would think, but it turns out  not that easy. Discovering the perspective of a child that refuses to be put in a box, we follow Gabi from age 8 to 13. For Gabi, her way of being is perfectly natural. She is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to what she thinks is wrong with the world, and in particular, how there should be no differences between boys and girls. In school, she is sometimes teased for wearing boys underpants but overall she enjoys being there. The film captures the rarely documented pre-teen years. A coming-of-age story about a person who struggles to find her place in the world during the most transformative period of life. This film which challenges preconceptions of gender and norms. Showing the search for identity and underlining the human right to belong and to be who you are. 


  • projection time:
    75 min.
  • country/year:
    Sweden / 2020
  • director:
    Engeli Broberg
  • pictures:
    Tommy Olsson
  • production:
    Anna J Ljungmark / House of Real
  • awards :
    2021 - CPH: DOX, Copenhagen

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