White Cube

White Cube

This provocative documentary is a fascinating and powerful examination into who benefit from the success of art, at the same time offering realistic solutions.

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A fascinating and at times extremely powerful examination into who benefits, and at what cost, from the success of art. Dutch filmmaker Renzo Martens’ provocative new documentary ”White Cube” is a heartfelt film that veers between anger and frustration before ultimately succeeding as a story of an artistic campaign that bears productive fruit. Set over a period of several years, with Martens himself a central character for chunks of the film, it asks plenty of questions and astutely comes up with some viable answers.




  • projection time:
    79 min.
  • country/year:
    The Netherlands, Belgium / 2020
  • director:
    Renzo Martens
  • pictures:
    Renzo Martens
  • production:
    Pieter van Huystee / Pieter van Huystee Film, Inti Films
  • awards :
    2020 – IDFA Amsterdam

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