The New Gospel

The New Gospel

What would Jesus preach in the 21st century? Milo Rau is staging a “Revolt of Dignity” in Matera, led by political activist Yvan Sagnet from Cameroun.

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What would Jesus preach in the 21st century? Who would his disciples be? And how would today’s bearers of secular and spiritual power respond to the return and provocations of the most influential prophet and social revolutionary in human history? With The New Gospel”, renowned theatre director Milo Rau is staging a Revolt of Dignity”. Led by political activist Yvan Sagnet coming from Cameroun, the movement is fighting for the rights of migrants who came to Europe across the Mediterranean to be enslaved on the tomato fields in southern Italy and to live in ghettos under inhumane conditions. The director and his team return to the origins of the gospel and stage it as a passion play of an entire civilization. In Matera, in Southern Italy, where the great Jesus films from Pasolini to Gibson were shot, an authentically political as well as theatrical and cinematic New Gospel” emerges for the 21st century. A manifesto of solidarity with the poorest, a revolt for a more just, humane world.



  • projection time:
    107 min.
  • country/year:
    Germany, Switzerland / 2020
  • director:
    Milo Rau
  • pictures:
    Thomas Eirich-Schneider
  • production:
    Arne Birkenstock, Olivier Zobrist / Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien GmbH, Langfilm, IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder
  • awards :
    2020 – IDFA Amsterdam

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