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The film shows that children in the Middle East easily play the role of warriors, because their normal day is full of hatred and a sense of the loss of their loved ones.

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There are children, too, among the Palestinian insurgents. They are harshly dealt with: prison, hardly any judiciary support. Freshly released from prison, 12-year-old Dima encounters a crowd of television people. Her mother  instead of offering protection she assumes the role of an agitator, demanding that her daughter report how she was treated by the Israelis. But Dima remains silent. In her astonishing film, Ushpiz shows a life in constant tension. Her approach is unapologetic and familiar.


  • projection time:
    130 min.
  • country/year:
    Israel / 2020
  • director:
    Ada Ushpiz
  • pictures:
    Danor Glaser
  • production:
    Ada Ushpiz / AU FILMS
  • awards :
    DOK Leipzig

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