Comic Book Shop

Comic Book Shop

"Comic Book Shop" is a humorous chronicle of the comic book culture in Poland.

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The comic book culture in Poland, shown through the prism of an iconic store in Warsaw which brings together graphic novel enthusiasts. Kuba and his father run the oldest comic shop in Poland - "Centrum Komiksu" - that has long been recognized as a legendary address. Through their eyes, we invite you to experience stories about loyal customers, hardships of independent publishing and problems faced by comic book creators themselves.



  • projection time:
    78 min.
  • country/year:
    Poland / 2020
  • director:
    Maciej Bierut
  • pictures:
    Karol Łakomiec
  • production:
    Maciej Bierut / Maciej Bierut – Fruit Soup
  • awards :
    2021 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festiwal: World Premiere

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