Angry + Yaren and the Sun

"Angry" + "Yaren and the Sun"

Sometimes it's not easy to deal with your own anger or sadness. These are difficult emotions. Sometimes they are so strong that they can overpower. How are others going through them? By getting to know the stories of the film heroes, you will find out what their problems are and what helps them.

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Belgium, 2021, 15 min.

Directed by: Frederike Migom

Cinematography by: Gerko Jonker

Producer: Maarten Schmidt

Production: Storyhouse

Some kids get very angry. So angry that they can no longer be home or in school. Parents and teachers call them bad. But are they? We meet some of these kids in the children's hospital at the psychiatry ward. Animated images accompany their voices as we discover why they are here, why they are angry, and how it makes them feel.

Yaren and the Sun

Belgium, 2020, 19 min.

Directed by: Renate Raman, Joren Slaets

Cinematography by: Renate Raman, Joren Slaets 

Producer: Maarten Schmidt

Production: Storyhouse

Selected festivals and awards: 2021 – JEF Festival

A short documentary about grief, healing and friendship. Four years ago ten-year-old Yaren lost her mother. This summer she nervously leaves for a special kind of camp: a grieving camp. Here, all the kids have lost someone close to them. In five beautiful, intense days Yaren and the other kids at camp bond over that one thing they all have in common: their grief.


  • projection time:
    34 min.
  • country/year:
    Belgium / 2021 ("Złość"/"Angry"); 2020 ("Yaren i słońce"/"Yaren and the Sun")
  • director:
    Frederike Migom ("Złość"); Renate Raman, Joren Slaets ("Yaren i słońce")
  • pictures:
    Gerko Jonker ("Angry"); Renate Raman, Joren Slaets ("Yaren and the Sun")
  • production:
    Maarten Schmidt/Storyhouse
  • awards :
    2021 – JEF Festival ("Yaren and the Sun")

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