Watch recorded meetings with authors of films in the Festival's online section and with experts who participated in discussions on topics covered in these films. Every recording is linked to a film screened at the Festival. After selecting a meeting you will be redirected to the tab of the film connected to the meeting.
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All Together
Debate: Raising children in same-sex couples
Behind the Headlines
Meeting with Bastian Obermayer, protagonist of BEHIND THE HEADLINES
Body of Truth
"Body of Truth" - discussion by Vogue Polska
COURAGE: free art versus Lukashenka
Fly So Far
Debate after the film FLY SO FAR
Meet the Censors
Debate: Does good censorship exist?
Nothing but the Sun
Meeting with Arami Ullón, director of NOTHING BUT THE SUN
Silent Voice
Meeting after the film "Silent Voice"
The Last Shelter
Meeting with Ousmane Samassekou, director of the film THE LAST SHELTER
The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel
Debate: Who should have more power, corporations or governments?
The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel
Meeting with Jennifer Abott, director of the film The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel
Things We Dare Not Do
Meeting with Bruno Santamaría Razo, director of THINGS WE DARE NOT DO
This Rain Will Never Stop
Meeting after the film THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP
What does “childbirth with dignity” mean?
Meeting with Maja Martiniak, director of the film UNSEEN
White Cube
Meeting after the film with Renzo Martens - director and a protagonist
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